Servicing Manager Richard Ivatt, along with engineer Aaron Hutchings recently took on the huge task of assisting a top customer with a factory relocation. The print finishing company from Watford had been based at their location for 20 years but due to re-development were in need of moving to a new premises. So they asked the experienced SF Services team for help.

The relocation comprised of moving several large hot foil stamping and die cutting & creasing presses just 5 minutes up the road, over the course of a couple of days. Unfortunately for all involved the UK was suffering from a heatwave at the time but that didn’t stop everyone pitching in.

The move was, of course, succesful, and the company involved is now fully operational in the new building and the machines are up and running again.

“This move, to date, was the biggest factory relocation we’ve had the opportunity to participate in. The hot weather was a problem but the moving of the presses to the new premises went without a hiccup”. Richard Ivatt, Servicing Manager.

If you have an upcoming factory relocation or need a foiling or cutting press moved don’t hesitate to call.