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MK Masterwork Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting & Creasing Presses

This is your opportunity to purchase one of the following second-hand MK Masterwork hot foil stamping or die cutting & creasing presses.

Masterwork is reknown for it’s quality in large format hot stamping and die cutting presses.

Can’t find the MK Masterwork press you’re looking for? Contact us and we might be able to find an alternative.

2370 -MK21060ST Duo Press Foiling / Cut and Crease / stripping Autoplaten

Reference Number: 2370 3 Processes in one Pass Stamping + Stamping Stamping + Die cutting + Stripping Embossing + Die cutting + Stripping Stamping + Embossing Downloads 2370 MK2106ST - Duo Press Key Features

Year of Manufacture: 2010  |  Location: UK  |  Warranty: 3 Months Parts  |  Service Record: Good
2022-06-22T12:40:46+01:00November 24th, 2020|MK Masterworks Used Machinery, Used Machines|

MK1050YMI – Foiling / Hot Foil Autoplaten – Full MK refurbishment 2021

Reference Number: 2371 MKZD 1050 YMI hotfoil stamping press Full refurbishment by MK China 2021, Available immediately Downloads 2371 MKZD 1050 YMI Foiling Autoplaten Key Features

Year of Manufacture: 2009 (Fully refurbished by MK China 2021)  |  Location: MK China   |  Warranty: 3 Months Parts  |  Service Record: N/A
2022-06-23T10:30:53+01:00November 3rd, 2020|MK Masterworks Used Machinery, Used Machines|