How important is it to regularly service or repair your hot foil stamping or die cutting & creasing press?

1. Keep the press in top running order

Hot foil stamping machines need regular servicing and required repair work to stay in peak condition – they are similar in that respect to cars. Your hot foiling or die cutting machine should realistically be serviced every year to maintain productivity.

2. Maintain productivity

Print finishing presses can run up to speeds of over 7,000 sheets per hour. If a machine is out of commission for a full working day you’re potentially looking at 50,000 sheets not going through the press. Having your machine serviced will increase the efficiency.

3. Increase efficiency

A happy machine operator will be more efficient. Operators will be uncomfortable dealing with a machine that constantly breaks down, so why let it happen? Having the press serviced regularly will minimise breakdowns and keep the operator happy.

4. Minimise breakdowns

A breakdown can lower your output from 50,000 sheets a day to zero. Customers don’t wait around and will happily take their business elsewhere. Small repairs can take less than an hour and in the long run will improve the standard of your hot foiling and die cutting.

5. Improve the standard of foiling and cutting

The standard of hot foiling on a non-serviced machine will drop, and registration will be more and more difficult. If your machine is effected by anything on this list give the experts at SF Services a call.

6. Give the experts a call

Servicing manager Richard Ivatt has over 20 years’ experience servicing and repairing hot foil stamping and die cutting & creasing presses worldwide.

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